Minnesota Lacrosse Umpires Association (MLUA)

Providing sports officials to girl's & women's lacrosse teams in the upper midwest US.


Below are some general reminders for the High School game.

Stick Check Procedures

New Official Check-list

3-Person Positiioning

Rule Changes 2019

  • To be updated       


  • Getting to the game early. Lots to do!   
  • Dressed appropriately when coming to the field.             
  • Have long & short sleeve jerseys, pants ready. Black everything. You should all have the same uniform.
  • Greet timekeepers. You are all on the same team.  Review card procedures, stop time, running time.  After a goal, clock shouldn’t stop until we signal the goal.      
  • Run captains/coaches meeting and stick checks in a timely manner. 10 & 5 minutes before game time.  
  • Captains meeting should not last more than a few minutes. No need to keep them there for extended period.
  • Remaining calm during the game.            
  • Good communication with coaches. Number two complaint about lacrosse umpires.     
  • Dressed appropriately when you leave the field.             


  • We all need to do better. Number one complaint about lacrosse umpires.           
  • Big stadium signals are needed. Not only for players, for coaches and fans too. 
  • Stand. After you blow your whistle, you are now on display. Walking looks too informal.              
  • Slow down. Blow whistle, wait a brief moment and then start your signals.         
  • Direction, signal, direction. What Is the purpose of this? Answer: communication with partner and others.          
  • Shooting space. Maybe making this call from by restraining line but remain still. Hold that signal for little longer.

Rules Interpretation Video – can find on Central Hub

    Calling fouls that aren't fouls

    • Use verbiage from the book if you need to verbally explain your call to players or coaches.         
    • Not a foul: Playing the ball between the legs, unless you deem it is dangerous  
    • Not a foul: Upward stick check  
    • Not a foul: Empty stick check when the ball is on the ground being pushed by player.     
    • Not a foul: Attempting stick check and following through to the ground.               
    • Not a foul: Checking from behind            
    • Not a foul:  Body Ball unintentional    

    Carding Players / Coaches

    • We will back you 100%.
    • Not enough cards are given out.              
    • Need to keep the play safe for the players.        
    • #1 thing to remember: Stay Calm. "You need to remain calm when no one else is"          
    • Witnessed wrong way: Very stressed out umpire, raising voice, reprimanding players harshly, chaotic tone. Things just got worse. 
    • Witnessed correct way: Very calm umpire, almost matter-of-fact. Communicates to everyone involved that the umpires are in control and are confident in their decision. Reeled game back in.

    Shooting Space Issues

    • Need to read and understand the shooting space section in your policy manual. Lists shooting space calls to be made vs shooting space calls not to be made.
    • Ask for any questions for the class and address those.  
    • Otherwise, go to the manual and pull up examples.        


    2 person mechanics -- Areas of responsibility. Who makes the call?      

    3 person mechanics -- Areas of responsibility. Who makes the call?      

    • Restraining line handoff, attack offside when shorthanded – setup and go
    • Re-start play
    • Cardable fouls out of area


    • Get into your rule book and manual. Be proactive. Don't wait for things to happen on the field before you know what the rule is.              
    • Start working out now. Don't wait for your first game to realize you need to drop a few pounds. Injuries can happen (especially to us older folks) when we just try to start running/sprinting with no prior conditioning. We Need You Healthy!