Minnesota Lacrosse Umpires Association (MLUA)

Providing sports officials to girl's & women's lacrosse teams in the upper midwest US.


MLUA Field Rating Procedures

Field ratings are one of the requirements for being a member in good standing with MLUA and US Lacrosse.  We have developed formal field rating procedures which should be followed for all officials receiving ratings in the local area.  These ratings are described in the link below.

You can download the MLUA Field Ratings Procedures here.

You will receive a rating letter which describes knowledge areas that you were rated on which are described below:

  • Knowledge & Judgment
  • Positioning, Field Coverage, Fitness
  • Game Management, Penalty Administration, Mechanics
  • Comportment, Communication, Teamwork

You can download a sample rating letter here (Word document) or here (PDF version).


Officials Certification Skill Levels (Jan 2017)

Levels of US Lacrosse Officials’ certification

  • Level 1- Level 1 officials possess a basic understanding and knowledge of the game and the skills outline in the evaluation for of Level 1 Official and have the necessary abilities to officiate games effectively using the two-person system. Officials in the early stages of development (Level 1 in training) that possess a beginning knowledge of the game and skills are considered an Apprentice.
  • Level 2- Level 2 officials possess an advanced understanding and knowledge of the game and the twoperson system, as well as the skills outlined in the evaluation form for the Level 2 official.
  • Level 3- Level 3 officials have an advanced proficiency, understanding and knowledge of the game and are capable of officiating in the two and three person system. These officials have the skills outline in the evaluation form for Level 3 officials.
  • CWLOA Officials are considered- Level 3 in USL System (Must attend USL Rules Interpretation to work scholastic or youth games)