Minnesota Lacrosse Umpires Association (MLUA)

Providing sports officials to girl's & women's lacrosse teams in the upper midwest US.

MLUA Policies & Procedures

The MLUA Policies & Procedures contain guidelines on dues, official & travel fees, game delays, professionalism, game formats, required uniform, assigning games, umpire suspension/probation, ethical code of conduct, grievance policies, & rating requirements.

Detailed MLUA Policies & Procedures are located here: MLUA Policies & Procedures  (Redline of 2015 Policies & Procedures)


The information provided below is found on page 3 of the MLUA Policies & Procedures document.

  • $75 if paid by September 30 of each year (on time)
  • $90 from October 1 to December 31 of each year ($15 late fee)
  • $105 if paid after December 31 of the following year ($30 late fee)
  • First year umpires will pay $75, no late fee
  • Youth umpire dues are $30
  • A current college lacrosse player will only pay dues of $30
  • A "starter kit" for officials can be purchased for $20 (Kit includes: Yellow "Ref" short sleeve shirt, USL Women's rule book, cards, yellow flag & coin)
  • Out-state officials (who live more than 50 miles from the Twin Cities) will pay dues of $30. Late fees will apply according to the date paid (see above)