Minnesota Lacrosse Umpires Association (MLUA)

Providing sports officials to girl's & women's lacrosse teams in the upper midwest US.

Observation Program


We have been fortunate enough to receive funding from US Lacrosse in to continue our Umpire Observation program.  Primary objectives of this program are to develop consistency throughout our umpires and offer constructive feedback in an informal settigs.

Here are links to the documents used to observe officials:

  1. Observation Procedures document is located here.
  2. Observation Introduction document to 'Observee' is located here.
  3. Observation Template is located here.
  4. Blank field diagrams are located here


Look within Arbiter to locate the 'Observer' position on assigned games.

Please note, this is a US Lacrosse-sponsored program.  Funds will be paid when we receive funds from US Lacrosse.  Also officials being observed will be paid their full referee fees (2-person mechanics).