Minnesota Lacrosse Umpires Association (MLUA)

Providing sports officials to girl's & women's lacrosse teams in the upper midwest US.

2019 Dates

New officials are expected to attend 6 hours of classroom training as well as 3 hours of field training to enforce the techniques learned in the classroom.  If you are interested in signing up for training as a new referee, click here to provide detailed information in our sign up form.

Experienced High School officials are expected to annually attend 3 hours of classroom training as well as 3 hours of field training.

Please see the following dates/times & venues for spring and summer officials training & training fees associated with training.

Beginner Classroom Training Sessions (MSHSL)

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Advanced High School Classroom Training Sessions (MSHSL)

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Field Training Sessions:

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NON METRO TRAINING (Beginner & Advanced):

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Officials Training and Cost Information

All officials, including those at the youth level need to be members of US Lacrosse.  Youth level officials pay $30 for MLUA dues which includes classroom & field session training. 

Also available to any official for $20 (about a $30 value) is a “Starter Kit”  which includes a florescent yellow “REF” t-shirt, rulebook & reffing gear (Warning cards, yellow flag, whistle, pencil, scorecard & flipping coin). 

Please bring a $30 (or $50 to include the starter kit) check made out to “MLUA” with you to the training session. 

High School and College officials can see the cost of MLUA dues here: MLUA Member Info. This takes you directly to the MLUA Dues, Policies & Procedures page of this website.

New Officials Training Sign-up Link

Please fill out our online training link located here so we have initial contact information needed to run the training sessions.  One of our Board members will be contacting you for verify your training commitments.

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NCAA / CWLOA Training Dates:

Please contact Holly if you required additional information or go to the CWLOA website for training offered throughout the U.S.


Youth Umpires:

Classroom (required annually): TBA

Field Training (required annually): TBA